Music for Corporate Events

Enhanced by the Elegance of Iceni Ensemble

Elevate your corporate event with Iceni Ensemble’s versatile music offerings for corporate events, ranging from solo musicians to duos, trios, and quartets.

Our deeply talented and versatile group of musicians are available in various combinations, tailored to your entertainment and engagement needs.

With decades of event planning experience and performances at hundreds of weddings, we possess a keen understanding of event flow and management. Our years of experience and event expertise ensures a seamless musical performance regardless of unexpected occurrences, making your event truly exceptional.

Looking to enhance your next fundraiser, conference reception or corporate event?

The Iceni Ensemble adds a touch of sophistication by providing unobtrusive “background music” that both entertains and intrigues. As participants relax and converse, the lush sounds of our strings create a captivating ambiance that will be remembered as a stand-out event for your guests.

With 60 years of collective performance planning and management experience, including a dedicated team member for event planning, Iceni Ensemble is your trusted partner for making corporate events truly memorable through the power of music.